The Most Incontestable Bulgarian “NO” in Politics!

Министерски съвет Бойко Борисов

If it's not a good dream, could it be a reality?! After 45 years of Comintern cowardice and another 30 years of post-totalitarian weaseling, we said "No!" to Macedonian arrogance. Bulgaria has blocked the so-called Northern Macedonia from membership in the European Union because it has not approved the negotiating framework. We had no doubts about the stubbornness of our southwestern neighbor. Nor about its schizophrenic leaps around identity. Now we are free to enjoy the nuclear blast of hatred and slop which "fraternal" politicians, historians and writers will pour on us.

Is the unity on the Macedonian issue of our compromised nomenclature-political elite a miracle, sensation or sudden enlightenment?! Or is it just a chance to wash away the sorrowful and hidden behind-the-scenes image of Prime Minister Borisov reflected in the mirror of the corrupt status quo. A little of everything, plus the fear of absolute unity on the issue which the otherwise divided Bulgaria of survivors professes. If you don't count the handful of shabby figures on foreign support, there's no one to spare admiration for the last few weeks of our foreign policy.

Minister Zaharieva reminded once again that one of the main conditions for countries applying for membership is that they have no open points with their neighbors because they weaken the EU. However, you can't be Bulgarian in our time if you don't keep in mind that the best is the enemy of the good. Not because a better position than this could be invented. The reason is the fears that that stance won't be held back under the pressure of secret combinations, contracts and bargaining. Moreover, because no one has taken responsibility for lying low so far, including for the disgraceful admission of the name Northern Macedonia, that includes the Pirin Region and the Vardar region.

There can be no illusions at all about the friendship between the two peoples, since the elite in Skopje have been spitting against Bulgaria for decades and the people have endured and revered Tito. No, Vardar Macedonia is not ours, Garašanin's Načertanije follows later on and let them do with it whatever they want. You don't need such people and you don't have to let them into your house after they have rejected family and homeland. You just tell them "no" if they cross the red line, for which they don't give a damn and brutally run over it. The fact that we have become a laughing stock even in their eyes because of our failure is terribly humiliating and hurts. But after you have pushed things thus far to be sworn at for being a Bulgarian- Tatar, why shouldn’t we slam their door diplomatically?

We've been listening to hate speech and inarticulate words of malice recently, so now, just watch them freak out in the weeks to come. From now on, it is right that we retain all reservations about the conduct of our rulers until the end of the German Presidency. Germany's role on the Macedonian issue can be assessed as extremely negative for our national interest if no political theatre is consistently played and directed. Merkel may be a goner, but after awarding Zaev with a human rights award, she will strive to push LGBTI values in the Balkans the way she brought immigrants in Europe.

God save Bulgaria and the few remaining Bulgarians


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