Revenue Agency Introduces New Internet Services

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Tax authorities introduce a personal identification code that citizens and businesses will be able to use to consult the electronic system without having an electronic signature. Boryana Georgieva, Director of Servicing Department in the National Revenue Agency, explained that individuals with this code can check whether their employer has registered their employment contract, for what length of workday and on what insurance payments are being carried out. Tax authorities do not exclude the opportunity someone full-time workers to be surprised if it turns out that on paper they have been working for years on a 4-hour workday.

The personal identification code will be issued free of charge in the centres of the NRA, but the person must be present personally. People’s duty is to protect their code, because it will give access to multiple data. Upon loss of the code they should inform the NRA, for it to be cancelled. The code is invisible even to the employees of the Revenue Agency, tax authorities pointed out.

Important to people is that if they have not received any income in the previous year or had income other than such from employment, that is – if they have no obligation to submittax returns, but during previous yearwere granted loans or had borrowings, other than banking, theyshould also submit a tax return.


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