Price of Struma Highway Rises by BGN10MN

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Construction of the first lot of the Struma Motorway from Dolna Dikanya to Dupnitsa will rise in cost by 10 million levs, says a contract announced a few days ago by the National Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA).

At the end of last year for contractor was selected the consortium between Italian Impreza and GBS – Infrastructure Construction Ltd and Patstroy-92. Bulgarian-Italian venture proposed to build Lot 1, which has a length of 16.8 km, against 58.5 million levs without VAT or twice less than the estimated value of the project, which was 100 million levs.

In the autumn of this year, however, a problem arose. During the construction vertical and horizontal displacements of the roadway have been detected in an area of ??over 100 m, resulting in deformation of the two supporting walls being built along the track. The Contractor immediately informed the API of the situation and the road agency appointed a commission, which located the problems on the spot – a landslide, which has not been described in the records of the Agency and could not be provided for during the preparation of the project route.

The check established that the affected section of roadway had submerged by 8-10 cm and has moved towards the landslide. Probable cause of the problem is the very rugged topography of the area.

It is estimated that the eventual possibility of an emergency situation need to take urgent emergency measures to not worsen the problem. The end result is a tender procedure without prior notice. That meant the only invitation to participate was sent to GBS – Infrastructure Construction. The reasons for this decision endash was that the landslide is located near the newly built section of the Struma highway and GBS as a contractor could immediately mobilize construction equipment and people to strengthen the unstable area.

And since the ARI does not have the money in their budget to pay for additional activities in a letter to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works they asked for the release of the amount in the form of targeted funding. The road agency asked for permission the contractor to receive an advance payment of 100% of the construction contract against a collateral in the form of an unconditional and irrevocable bank guarantee.

If the landslide may delay the construction of the route from Dolna Dikanya to Dupnitsa is to be seen. The projected section of the Struma must be completed by June 2013, i.e. in time to cut the ribbon a few days before the upcoming parliamentary elections. Otherwise, for the first time in Bulgaria this segment will require the building of two unique special facilities. The first is an overpass for bears and other animals to pass freely on both sides of the highway. An important part of the project for the entire highway is the so-called fencing. Rabbit fence. It will have a special concrete base, because it appears that hares massively manage to undermine the steel networks that have been used so far.



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