Each Scandal Leads to Certain Accumulation That Can Reach a Critical Point

Димитър Ганев

Scandals are a permanent condition for Borisov 3 cabinet, from which we have almost never been able to emerge, except for the pandemic.

" This was said to BNR by the political scientist Dimitar Ganev from the Trend Research Center. According to him, the problem is that each scandal leads to certain accumulations, which can reach a critical point. From there, even a much smaller scandal can cause a severe disturbance to the government because a huge critical mass of discontent will already have been created.


"The second problem is that electoral attitudes shift the most when “the pocket” of the Bulgarians is affected – prices of electricity, water, heating, etc. This could blow up social peace and deprive the authorities of public support," he added.


Ganev pointed out that there is no alternative to be offered that looks different from what is available at the moment. He commented that the health crisis is entering an economic one, which will inevitably lead to a quake but clarified that there is a separate large financial resource from both the state budget and the EU merely for the economic crisis recovery.


The political scientist commented on the Anti-Corruption Commission inspection for conflict of interests of the Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev and the chairman of the Consumer Protection Commission Dimitar Margaritov. "It will be very sad if this particular minister turns into a scapegoat compared with other members of the government. I have been observing the work of this department and that is why I say that it would be sad for the Minister of Education to suffer and be victimized.", Ganev said in response to a question whether Borissov would make a " worthy sacrifice" to ease tensions around himself and the government, instigated by the fugitive businessman Vasil Bozhkov in Dubai with his posts on Facebook for bribing top officials.


Ganev pointed out that this is the traditional style of Boyko Borissov – to to force to resignations or change laws and repeal regulations when public tension degree increases and this threatens public support for governance.


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