Gen. Atanas Atanasov: Borissov Is Trying to Play the Role of a Scapegoat

ген. Атанас Атанасов

"Any insult to the prime minister portrays a bad image of BG state in front of its partners.

I’d like to ask Borissov why he did not request an investigation, an international independent investigation, aiming at whether these records are valid and seeking who undermines the Bulgarian state. The same refers to the photos of the bedroom. This was said to BNR by Gen. Atanas Atanasov, co-chair of Democratic Bulgaria, leader of the DFB. According to him, it is necessary to make parallel investigations of both cases.


"If this scandal is covered up by loud phrases at a press conference, a version can be developed that Borissov has an interest in such a type of scandal which would make him a victim. PM’s behavior is absolutely frivolous – he schedules a press conference with his entire government, with all his deputies and makes such accusations … This whole background shifts a plethora of corruption scandals from the public eye," the DFB leader commented.


Gen. Atanasov added that the compromising war preceding the parliamentary elections had begun. "I have the feeling that Borissov wants to control this game, that is why he is trying to play the role of a victim," he said.


Gen. Atanas Atanasov also commented on the changes in the Law on the Ministry of Interior. "They redesigned two extremely important departments in the Ministry of Interior in order to create an alternative Department of safety and security, because Borisov is worried that information is leaking from the National Security Service to the president about his personal life … Why should the taxpayers pay so much money – NSS costs us BGN 40 million a year, now another BGN 40 million for Borissov's whims. To efface such important functions of the Ministry of Interior as the Special Anti-Terrorist Squad or the Gendarmerie is an abuse of legislative power and a proof that Borissov is doing whatever he wants in the Bulgarian Parliament,” he was adamant.


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