Administration Excessively Orders New Computers

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Millions of euros of the lean state budget are spent in recent months for all sorts of technological gadgets to coddle lawmakers and administration departments. On the same purpose last year the state spent loads of money. Separately, major projects for the introduction of e-government are funded with tens of millions of euros from the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity. The government offices now are almost like those in Silicon Valley, but in spite of all this IT equipment, the official documents are still not read in electronic form and official correspondence does not take place online, while video talks and conference calls are not yet a practice. Even the documentation for public procurement procedures at some departments is available only on paper.

By 15 September the employees of the Ministry of Economy and Energy will receive 110 new desktop computers that cost 1074 levs each and the supplier is Komsoft LTD. The company, owned by Valdex of Valentin Vassilev, Petya Petrova, and Hristo Velikov, was chosen for the delivery of 10 luxury laptops and the requested price is 1767 levs for each . PC- monitors were ordered separately from Lirex BG, at an average price per each of 230 levs. The company of Manol Iliev provided the Ministry of Economy with three uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), for which it received 1847 levs . The list of goodies for officials continue with 17 scanners at 1834 levs each, provided by Kontrax of Yordan Yordanov, Jako Pillossov and Milena Istatkova. Another 10 laser printers and a colour MFP were ordered, the supplier is Partners LTD. For its services, the company behind which are Nikolay Vergilov and Lyubomir Boyadzhiev received nearly 14 thousand levs.

All this might not have caused much of a consideration as long as the economic ministry had not bought a brand new IT equipment only eight months ago. In December 2012 and it gave nearly 300 thousand levs for 150 desktop computers with monitors, 30 scanners and multifunction devices, netstorage system and multiple servers. The devices were supplied by Stemo, Voodoo and the above mentioned company Partners.

After their summer holidays the newly elected MPs will be thrilled with the number of the new widgets awaiting them. For each one of them a laptop at a price of 1068 lev isordered. There are also two spare ones for each, just in case. Every two Mps will also have a stationary PC to use if somehow, accidentally they forget their portable machine. In this case, the value is 908 levs per PC. Surprises for MPs continue with 80 printers (at 272 levs each) , multiple servers (88 thousand levs) and one managable disk array storage for 80 thousand levs. All this must be delivered no later than September 24 as contracts with selected companies – CNsys and Stemo were signed on 15 August and the deadline for performance of the contracts is 40 days.

Someone will say that so far MPs have worked in Parliament with pens and pencils, but this, of course, is not the case. Just Bulgaria seems to be so rich that it can afford each year to update the equipment in its core institutions. As for the fate of the old devices archives are silent. The may be sold, donatee, and mayube even some of the Mps may have brought them home. Of course one canot help but pose such a question, because since 2008 only the National Assembly has bought total 908 desktop computers, 428 laptops and 400 printers.



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