David Levy: The Perfect Storm Brings a New Order China Benefits From

Давид Леви

Open parks and gardens, it’s raining health from the sky


The seeds of devastation sown in China fell into a very good breeding ground and sprouted in various ugly forms outside China. If the economic and media environments were healthier, they would not tolerate the infodemia, which is the other name for this pandemic. And the results would be far less frightening. International expert David Levy said in a video interview with Banker Studio.


In the interview, Levi also said:


Thomas Jefferson once said: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither and lose both. But I'm not a pessimist. I think populists will enjoy short-term benefits. And the effect of this crisis will be rather positive. This leads to a rethinking and acceleration of many processes.


Our health care system doesn’t enjoy a good reputation – 300 people die from various diseases every day. We can't fix it in a few weeks. But we need to return the energy to the economy and business, we have to remove the turnstile there to revive the circulatory system. Trainings, courses, retraining – these can help us climb up the EU hierarchy.


Man is a social animal and this kind of isolation leads to unpredictable consequences. Social distancing is something else. I urge: open parks and gardens, this season pours health from the sky.


Currently, most state leaders have artificially inflated ratings because of the fear campaign. And when masses are in a state of fear they are most easily ruled. Macron mentioned six times the word “war” in a speech,  our prime minister did not stop counting corpses. We are witnessing obvious manipulations.


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