Rumen Radev: Boyko Borissov’s Demonstrative Reluctance to Verify the Audio Record Authenticity Is at Least Weird

Румен Радев

Boyko Borissov's ostentatious unwillingness to verify the authenticity of the audio recording is at least strange, President Rumen Radev commented to journalists today.

This doesn’t go about Mr. Borissov, this is about the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, this is about our country, which is deeply discredited, the head of state believes. According to him, this recording is a "crude, brutal attack on the Bulgarian parliament, on our European development" and demonstrates "arrogance, authoritarianism and a vicious style of government."

If Boyko Borissov and his circle claim that the recording is fake, the counterfeiter must be identified and severely punished, the head of state said and added that it is inadmissible for Bulgaria to emit such cynicism.

If we delay the forensic examination of the record, then the foreign services will do it for the needs of their governments, he said.

When asked about the new changes in the Law on the Ministry of Interior, the President commented that any decision in the field of national security should be guided by clear criteria for efficiency, effectiveness and safety. "I will announce my decision on the law within the term specified in the constitution," Radev said. “This law must somehow confirm that it complies with these criteria, in my opinion it does not,” he added.



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