Boyko Borissov Organized and Carried Out a Coup tgainst Himself, According to Political Scientist Ognyan Minchev

огнян минчев

The coronavirus epidemic in Bulgaria has entered the twilight zone – where finances, public procurement and all other political decisions are located.  They have been taken individually and regardless of the institutional procedures which presuppose transparency of the governance, the political scientist Ognyan Minchev wrote on Facebook.

According to him, "Boyko Borissov organized and carried out a coup against himself" because he "renounced the public responsibility assumed by the Headquarters to control the infection and introduced shadowy, loud-mouthed  figures possessing zero responsibility for the words they pronounce."


"Within a few days, all restrictions have been lifted, but no organized state position to contain the infection has remained as a guide for the citizens. The general talk of "social distancing" is accompanied by full food service outlets, the lack of any control over sanitary requirements in public spaces, with arrogant misuse of public information about the contagion by experts – eager to gain political fame. Things are not going well. We have 112 new infected today – after roughly 2000 tests. In places like Shumen, health facilities are already overloaded. "Well, what are we supposed to do?" – I see the raised shoulders of those in power, who got tired of dealing with anything – now with the virus. Well, what to do – call Mangarov to say something on TV … For the herd, for the immunity, there isn’t little to talk about, tarradiddle… political scientist Ognyan Minchev wrote on the social network.


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